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Company "European Private Jets" organizes private flights on business liners. The catalog contains only a small part of the aircraft available for rent. In it, we reflected the most popular models in demand in business aviation. The full catalog includes about 9000 business jets of various types and classes. Our aviation consultants will be happy to help you choose the best private jet, compare individual models and tell you about the advantages of each of them. You can ask questions by phone 8 (495) 241-17-65 or via e-mail

Airbus A300-A600F aircraft
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A medium-range passenger aircraft developed by the Airbus Industrie consortium. The aircraft is a modification of the original model A300-600 with a longer range. The Airbus Industrie consortium began its development in 1985. To increase range, it placed an additional fuel tank of 6150 liters in the horizontal tail. With the help of this tank and fuel transfer system is possible to control aircraft balancing in flight (first such system was used in the aircraft A310-300). The first flight of the A300-600R (powered by General Electric CF6-80C2A5 engines) was made on December 9, 1987.

Airbus A300 B4F aircraft
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The Airbus A300 is the world's first wide-body twin-engine aircraft and the first project of the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus Industrie, established in 1970 specifically to develop and produce a new medium-range aircraft under the designation A300. Airbus Industrie incorporated companies from Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and France.

The first production Airbus A300 entered the airlines in 1974. The airliner became popular with airlines and was produced until 2007.

Embraer Lineage 1000 aircraft
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The Embraer Lineage 1000 is a variant of the Embraer 190 regional jet, launched as a private jet on May 2, 2006. Produced by Brazilian aerospace company Embraer, it is an "ultra-large" business jet with 19 comfortable seats.

The biggest change to the Lineage 1000 is the added fuel tanks in the lower deck cargo compartment, nearly doubling the aircraft's range, which also boasts a luxurious interior divided into 5 sections, including an extra bedroom, a toilet with running water and a cargo compartment in the rear hour

Boeing Business Jet 3 aircraft
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The BBJ 3 is a versatile model, as owners can easily convert the cabin according to their needs. Thus, Boeing Business Jet 3 can carry from 8 to 100 passengers, depending on the cabin modification. The aircraft has an increased flight range compared to its predecessors, as well as a large cabin area. The airliner is often used in business aviation.

Boeing Business Jet 2 aircraft
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The BBJ 2, announced in October 1999, is based on the Boeing 737-800. The new model has a cabin length of 29.9 m and a width of 3.5 m. The cabin area is 25% larger than that of the BBJ and is 93.3 m2. The airliner provides maximum space for comfortable seating of up to 50 passengers.

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) aircraft
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The Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing airliners for the corporate jet market , originally the 737 series airliners. This aircraft usually accommodates 25 to 50 passengers in a luxury configuration. It can be a master bedroom, toilet with shower, conference/dining room and lounge. The Boeing Business Jet is a 50/50 partnership between Boeing Commercial Airplanes and General Electric.

The BBJ or, less frequently, BBJ1 is based on the 737-700 and was the basis for the 737-700ER. It was the original variant.

Airbus A318 Elite aircraft
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The newest and smallest aircraft in the ACJ family, the A318 Elite, has a range of 7,600 km with one extra tank in the fuselage, carries 14 to 18 passengers and costs $45 million. It is designed specifically to compete with business aircraft flying across the North Atlantic between the US and Europe. 

Airbus A319 CJ aircraft
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The A319 is a shortened version of the A320 with minimal changes. With virtually the same fuel capacity as the A320-200 and fewer passengers, the range with 124 passengers in a two-class configuration extends to 3,600 nautical miles (6,900 km), the highest in its class. The A319s are among the most popular variants of the A320 family. 

Global jet charter

European Private Jets offers its potential customers private jet charter services. All jets from our catalogue are modern, safe and comfortable, as we cooperate with the leading business aviation companies. We have extensive practical experience in the field of business aviation, and our catalogue includes over 1,000 comfortable business jets. Due to this, we can help our customers find and charter a business jet that best suits their needs in the shortest possible time. Our specialists always take into account all needs of our customers. Therefore, we not only arrange flights to any European city but also provide such additional services as transfer to the airport or booking rooms in the best hotels.


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What are the modern global jets?

In terms of technical characteristics and level of equipment, safety and comfort, global jets are considered the most luxurious type of business jets. They are intended for long-haul non-stop flights and can comfortably seat from 20 to 100 passengers. The cabins of global jets are characterized by an exclusive design with the use of modern and high-quality materials. The jets are divided into several sections (such as dining room, rest areas and conference room), which makes the flight especially comfortable for the customers. We should note that most business jets are equipped with fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms with bathtubs or jacuzzis. Moreover, all passenger cabins are soundproofed.


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Global jets are especially popular among customers who prefer VIP flights with the maximum level of comfort and safety. Usually, these are:

  • media personalities;
  • heads of the large holding companies or enterprises;
  • politicians or senior officials;
  • sports federations, clubs or teams.


In addition to the comfortable long-haul flights, business aviation provides such services as transportation of heavy cargo and travelling with pets. For the convenience of passengers, all jets are equipped with high-speed satellite Internet, telephony and video conference communication, as well as TV and the most modern multimedia systems. The cabins of global jets are soundproofed (which means that they don’t let in any extraneous noise and sounds). In terms of comfort and level of service, a flight on a global jet can be compared to staying in the most expensive hotel.


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Minimum price for a flight starts from 3000 €
Minimum price for 1 seat on the flight (cabin) starts from €2000 €

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Price of private jet charter

Due to extensive experience in business aviation, cooperation with dozens of airlines and jet owners, and smooth logistics, we can offer our customers the most favourable conditions of private jet charter. Below are the prices for the flights to the most popular destinations. However, you should understand that these figures are indicative only. For more accurate information, contact the managers of European Private Jets.

The calculations include only top business aviation destinations in Europe; however, we can make a fast price calculation and arrange a flight from any part of the world.

  • Belgium - Thailand from 80000 €
  • England - Georgia from 25000 €
  • Germany - Bali from 100000 €
  • Monaco - Norway from 15000 €
  • Switzerland - Tunisia from 17000 €
  • Italy - Kazakhstan from 30000 €
  • Sweden - Seychelles from 50000 €
  • Maldives - Courchevel from 75000 €
  • UAE - France from 35000 €
  • Oman - Monaco from 45000 €
  • Yemen - England from 46000 €
  • Israel - Switzerland from 23000 €
  • Italy - Qatar from 35000 €
  • Jordan - Germany from 20000 €
  • Turkey - Spain from 20000 €
  • Denmark - Egypt from 25000 €
  • Zanzibar - Portugal from 40000 €
  • Canary Islands - Sweden from 45000 €
  • Austria - Sri Lanka from 65000 €
  • Netherlands - Madagascar from 95000 €


Our company serves both international and domestic (within the EU) flights. Due to the cooperation with the local companies, we can offer you a wide variety of options: from very light to ultra-long-range heavy jets. We can arrange a flight from any part of the world (however, you need to take into consideration the specificities of the airports). Below are the prices for the flights to the most popular destinations:

  • Munich (MUC) - Palma (PMI) from 7 500 euro;
  • London (FAB) - Salzburg (SZG) from 10 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Basel (BSL) from 7 000 euro;
  • Paris (CDG) - Le Castellet (CTT) from 5 900 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Altenrhein (ACH) from 5 000 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Glasgow (GLA) from 12 000 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Munich (MUC) from 8 900 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Paris (LBG) from 5 500 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Monaco (MCM) from 6 000 euro;
  • Berlin (BER) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 14 500 euro;
  • Rome (CIA) - Split (SPU) from 6 000 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Zurich (ZRH) from 4 900 euro;
  • Vienna (VIE) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 9 500 euro;
  • Paris (CDG) - Sylt (GWT) from 8 400 euro;
  • Warsaw (WAW) - Palma (PMI) from 13 000 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 11 000 euro;
  • Marseille (MRS) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 9 000 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Cannes (CEQ) from 4 200 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Florence (FLR) from 5 000 euro;
  • Salzburg (SZG) - Genoa (GOA) from 6 000 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Olbia (OLB) from 12 000 euro;
  • Rome (CIA) - Barcelona (BCN) from 10 000 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Girona (GRO) from 6 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Monaco (MCM) from 5 000 euro;
  • Rotterdam (RTM) - Figari (FSC) from 11 000 euro;
  • Stockholm (BMA) - Nice (NCE) from 14 500 euro;
  • Napoli (NAP) - Berlin (BER) from 10 500 euro;
  • Amsterdam (AMS) - Split (SPU) from 11 000 euro;
  • Zagreb (ZAG) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 7 000 euro;
  • Copenhagen (CPH) - Palma (PMI) from 15 000 euro;
  • Valencia (VLC) - Milan (LIN) from 11 500 euro;
  • Frankfurt (FRA) - Florence (FLR) from 7 000 euro;
  • Oslo (OSL) - Cannes (CEQ) from 14 500 euro;
  • Seville (OZP) - Nice (NCE) from 14 200 euro;
  • Helsinki (HEL) - Paris (LBG) from 15 500 euro;
  • Athens (ATH) - Florence (FLR) from 10 500 euro;
  • Riga (RIX) - Milan (LIN) from 13 000 euro;
  • Vilnius (VNO) - Geneva (GVA) from 13 000 euro;
  • Gothenburg (GOT) - Barcelona (BCN) from 15 000 euro;
  • Lyon (LYN) - Genoa (GOA) from 3 500 euro;
  • Skopje (SKP) - Zurich (ZRH) from 9 000 euro;
  • Lisbon (LIS) - Nice (NCE) from 14 500 euro;
  • Salzburg (SZG) - Westerland (GWT) from 4 900 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Westerland (GWT) from 4 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Westerland (GWT) from 4 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 9 000 euro;
  • Vienna (VIE) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 5 000 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 5 000 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Vienna (VIE) from 8 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Vienna (VIE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Vienna (VIE) from 6 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Cannes (CEQ) from 5 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Cannes (CEQ) from 5 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Cannes (CEQ) from 7 000 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Geneva (GVA) from 5 400 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Geneva (GVA) from 4 700 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Geneva (GVA) from 4 500 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Nice (NCE) from 4 900 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Nice (NCE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Nice (NCE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Palma (PMI) from 4 700 euro;
  • London (LCY) - Palma (PMI) from 7 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Palma (PMI) from 6 600 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Barcelona (BCN) from 4 600 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Barcelona (BCN) from 6 600 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Barcelona (BCN) from 8 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Genoa (GOA) from 5 000 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Genoa (GOA) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Genoa (GOA) from 6 700 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Zurich (ZRH) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Zurich (ZRH) from 5 800 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Zurich (ZRH) from 4 500 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 4 500 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 6 600 euro;
  • Leipzig (LEJ) - London (LCY) from 6 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 4 800 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 9 900 euro;
  • Olbia (OLB) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 5 800 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Monaco (MCM) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Monaco (MCM) from 6 600 euro;
  • Milan (MXP) - Monaco (MCM) from 4 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Olbia (OLB) from 6 600 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Olbia (OLB) from 4 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Olbia (OLB) from 6 600 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Florence (FLR) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Florence (FLR) from 7 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Florence (FLR) from 6 600 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Munich (MUC) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Munich (MUC) from 6 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Munich (MUC) from 5 400 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) to Cologne (CGN) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) to Berlin (BER) from 6 600 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 4 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - London (BQH) from 6 600 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 6 600 euro;
  • London (BQH) to Bilbao (BIO) from 7 000 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 6 600 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - London (BQH) from 6 600 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 4 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) to Samedan (SMV) from 4 500 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Nice (NCE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Nice (NCE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Nice (NCE) from 4 500 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) to Grosseto (GRS) from 4 500 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) to Chambery (CMF) from 4 500 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Milan (LIN) from 5 200 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Milan (LIN) from 4 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Milan (LIN) from 6 600 euro;


We should note that to reduce the price of your flight, you can use such services as Jet Sharing or Empty Legs. In short, Jet Sharing allows you to buy the desired number of seats on a private flight and divide the full cost of a jet charter between all passengers. This means that you’ll have to pay only for the number of seats you’ve booked. Therefore, Jet Sharing is also known as “seat rental on a business jet”. As for Empty Legs, it is a system of return flights. Let’s say that the passenger booked a one-way flight to a specific destination. In this case, the chosen business jet returns to its home base empty. If you don’t need an urgent flight, you can leave us a request, our consultants will contact you as soon the desired jet will be available.


online catalog of private jets


Online calculator for calculating the cost of a business jet flight

You can use an online calculator to get an instant charter quote. We will send you an offer with a detailed calculation of the flight price via e-mail or messenger. You can also send us an e-mail to clarify the flight details and ask any questions you have about the jet and booking conditions.

y submitting the form, I consent to the processing of personal data.

Keep in mind that these figures are indicative only. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the flight and help you choose the most suitable option. Price calculation and jet search services are free and don’t impose any obligations. Experts of our company are always happy to answer all your questions and consult you on business aviation issues.


online calculation of private jet costs


Technical characteristics of global jets

When chartering a global jet, our potential customers get the opportunity to fly from 7,000 to 20,000 km without intermediate refuelling. Such jets can develop an average cruising speed of 800 km/h. Due to their excellent performance and technical characteristics, global jets can cover the distance between any two cities located on the same continent in just 7 hours. We guarantee that all our customers will feel cosy and comfortable during the flight.

Today, the following models of global jets are especially popular among the customers:

  1. Airbus A300-A600F. This is a wide-body jet equipped with large fuel tanks. To improve passengers’ safety, this model is equipped with the most advanced technologies and systems, including unique avionics. This private jet can accommodate 100 passengers and a large amount of cargo and fly up to 7,500 km without refuelling at an average cruising speed of 875 km/h.
  2. Embraer Lineage 1000. This is one of the most modern business jets. This model was manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate in 2009. Despite its relatively young age, Embraer Lineage 1000 is very popular among its customers. This is due to the fact that this jet has a range of 8,000 km, an altitude of 12,000 km and an average cruising speed of 874 km/h.
  3. Boeing Business Jet. Due to the individual cabin layout, this jet can accommodate from 8 to 100 passengers. In addition, Boeing Business Jet can fly up to 12,000 km at an average cruising speed of 842 km/h without intermediate landings. We should note that this private jet has not only a comfortable passenger cabin but also a spacious baggage compartment of 23,20 m3.

Our customers can charter business jets for both domestic and international flights. All you need is to call us or fill out a form on our official website. After receiving your application, our aviation consultant will contact you and help you choose the most suitable business jet that meets all your needs in the shortest possible time. We should note that all our jets are chartered with an experienced and highly professional crew. Our customers can charter a business jet both for a long time and for a one-time flight.


Empty Legs flights


Booking a private jet flight

You can book an aircraft for a private flight in any way convenient for you - by phone, through the online form on the website, using a messenger or email leading operators and will send you the best options to choose from (usually 3-5 optimal offers). Next, we agree on the details of the selected flight or adjust the search, taking into account the new input from you.




Additional services

European Private Jets is ready to offer its customers the following additional service types:


  1. transfer to the hotel upon arrival;
  2. delivery of food and drinks from your favourite restaurants;
  3. cabin disinfection;
  4. booking of hotels in the destination country;
  5. full range of client services in the VIP terminals;
  6. high-speed satellite Internet, conference rooms, and TV with your favourite channels on board.


business aviation services


Payment and refund policy

Each customer of European Private Jets can pay for the private flight in the most simple, profitable, and convenient way. For example, the customer can pay for the company services by bank transfer or card payment. We accept both cash and cryptocurrency. We always conclude contracts with our customers. Our company guarantees a high level of service, consideration of the customers’ needs and wishes, and full data privacy. Trying to accommodate our clients, we always provide flexible terms of cooperation and payment. However, you should understand that each case is individual and requires separate consideration.

The cancellation and refund terms are prescribed in the contract, provided to each customer before the beginning of cooperation. The contract is drawn up based on the customer’s needs and the chosen business jet. Since private jets are owned by different companies and individuals, the cancellation conditions may vary. On our part, we do everything we can to minimize the size of fines and organize the flight at the most convenient time for our customers. If the flight was cancelled because of our company, we will refund you the full price of the jet charter.


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Advantages of the company
    • Reputation

    • 12 years of successful work in business aviation in Europe. More than 100 regular customers and 30 partner companies around the world.

    • A large selection of aircraft

    • The current database includes about 9,000 business jets of various types. We will select an airplane for a flight of any range and complexity.

    • Transparent contracts

    • We do not slip tricky contracts but are responsible for the services provided. We show flexibility and meet our clients halfway. We are always ready to discuss the details and make changes.

    • Online booking

    • You can book and pay for the flight online, without a personal presence. You can also arrange all the documents in our office. We’ll adjust to the option that is convenient for you.


The team of "European Private Jets" consists of experienced experts in the field of business aviation. If you contact us, you can be sure of a quick and professional solution to the issue. The main priority of the company is the convenience of the client. Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and the flight. At the moment, 39 specialists work in the company's offices around the world. Each client gets a personal aviation consultant who will accompany him/her at all stages of interaction on the flight. We guarantee the full involvement of a specialist and flexibility in solving issues of any complexity.

A very important point for us is to provide an opportunity for customers to communicate not only with the company's managers but also with its bosses. Therefore, you can always write directly to the boss and managers of the direction if you are unable to promptly resolve the issue with a personal consultant.


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Contacts of the company's management:


We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to listen to your suggestions and feedback about the company's work.

Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.