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Cooperation with European Private Jets

The popularity and relevance of travel companies, as well as travel agencies, directly depend on how satisfied customers are with their vacation and the work of the company at all stages of cooperation. At the same time, many agencies involved in tourism, in an effort to keep up with the times and gain competitive advantages, are trying not only to organize the most interesting vacation for their clients but also to choose an air flight option that will have the most comfortable conditions. At the same time, flights operated by regular civil aviation may not always be suitable for these purposes, especially if the client who applied to the travel company asks to organize a VIP tour for him. In such cases, our company is ready to come to the rescue and arrange a flight for the client using business aviation. It should be noted that we are not only ready to select the most suitable aircraft for your client, but we will also support his flight at all stages of cooperation.


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Professional assistance to travel agencies in organizing VIP flights

In the process of cooperation, European Private Jets specialists will take care of all the troubles associated with organizing a flight by business aviation, taking into account all the needs and wishes of the client. Interaction with travel companies is carried out by a separate division of the company, which employs experienced specialists with high professional qualifications, which allows them to quickly solve any, even the most complex and responsible tasks. By contacting our company, travel agency employees will be able to quickly receive:

  • Complete information about all business aviation aircraft located in a specific location and ready to fly in the required direction. The report provided by our company contains information about the flight performance of business jets, the date of the last maintenance, the level of comfort, the number of passenger seats. Specialists of the travel agency can conduct a visual assessment of the board we offer using the photographs attached to the submitted report.
  • Performing a preliminary calculation of the cost of the service. When planning to send a client on vacation with the help of business aviation, managers of a travel company need to understand that the price of renting an aircraft will directly depend on the type of aircraft used, the flight range, and the level of service provided to passengers on board while in the airspace. At the same time, cooperating with our company, travel agency managers can get the service cost calculation both in the budget-oriented and in the VIP option.
  • Visual video presentations. Watching videos and 3D photos will allow customers to visually assess the level of aircraft comfort, as well as the quality of services provided to customers during the flight.
  • Providing all necessary advice. If necessary, our staff will provide all the necessary advice on private flights.
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents and visas. The presence of highly qualified lawyers on the staff of European Private Jets, as well as extensive practical experience related to VIP transportation of passengers, allows us to assist in the quick preparation of documents for clients travelling on vacation.


European Private Jets employees are also ready to provide travel companies with all the necessary assistance related to the development of the optimal flight route because in the context of a global pandemic, it is not always possible to get from Europe to the world's best resort areas and exotic islands by direct flight. In such conditions, our experts will develop the most convenient route, allowing tourists to arrive on vacation using flights with stops in third countries.


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Business aviation opportunities

European Private Jets is a dynamically developing company that has been providing professional services for organizing flights to any corner of the world using business aviation for 12 years. Constantly improving the level of service and closely following all global trends, we try to ensure that our services meet the highest international quality standards. By contacting us, customers can order a private jet rental, fly to their desired destination using return or transfer flights, and use the Jet Sharing service to reduce costs.

At the same time, we are ready to organize flights to the most inaccessible and remote places, using private small airports and landing strips that are closed for receiving civil aviation aircraft, which allows travel companies to significantly expand their own service and offer customers unique VIP tours with delivery to the most exotic places in the world. In addition to renting business jets, we are also ready to offer business assistants, travel companies and travel agencies:

  • delivery of clients with the help of comfortable and modern helicopters, which can be rented both for one day and for the entire stay of a tourist on vacation;
  • assistance in booking the most expensive and status hotels;
  • purchase of tickets for any cultural events planned for visiting by customers during their holidays;
  • organization of transfer from door to door of the hotel using modern, comfortable premium cars;
  • assistance in renting any equipment, from a status car with a personal driver to a yacht.


We provide all travel companies cooperating with us with a full package of documents, which will include insurance, as well as accounting and tax reports. Work with agencies can be carried out both under a one-time and under a long-term cooperation agreement, while all the points of this document will be carried out by our company clearly and on time. We provide a full range of concierge services in the premium segment.


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Benefits of cooperation

The use of business aviation in their work allows travel agencies to deliver their clients to any corner of the world, regardless of their availability and the presence of large transport air hubs. At the same time, using business jets, you can be completely sure that there will be no delays on the way, and the passengers themselves will be in the air in a relaxed, comfortable environment, having a high level of service. Personal belongings are stored directly on board the aircraft, which means that people flying on vacation will not need to worry about their safety and security. It should be noted that the use of private aviation will be of particular interest to those tourists who go to ski resorts, surf, dive and other extreme recreation and plan to bring their own equipment and equipment.

The cabins of aircraft used for VIP transportation of tourists are equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas. And in business jets performing long-haul flights, in addition to comfortable seats, there is also a toilet, a dining area, places to relax, satellite communications, high-speed Internet, and conference areas. In addition, there are attentive flight attendants available to flying passengers on board for any reasonable request. If desired, customers can take their pets onboard, however, it is necessary to warn our company in advance that an animal will fly in the passenger cabin.


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Booking a private jet flight

You can book an aircraft for a private flight in any way convenient for you - by phone, through the online form on the website, using a messenger or email leading operators and will send you the best options to choose from (usually 3-5 optimal offers). Next, we agree on the details of the selected flight or adjust the search, taking into account the new input from you.




Types of private flights

Caspian Private Jets provides a wide range of services related to business flights and aircraft rentals. If you contact our specialists, we will help to organize:

  • Medical or sanitary flights. During the process of rendering the service, we will select a special aircraft for the client, equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, as well as having a specialized doctor or a medical team on board. The use of medical business aviation will allow you to deliver seriously ill or injured people to the place of treatment without fear for their health and life.
  • Sending business charters. Our company will be an excellent solution for those clients who need to quickly organize a business trip, a flight to negotiations or send a group of auditors to conduct an audit in foreign branches of the company. It is worth noting that private aircraft equipped with the latest technology, with comfortable seating, as well as high-speed Internet, telephony and conference communication act as business charters.
  • VIP cargo delivery. The Caspian Private Jets catalogue contains a large list of aircraft capable of transporting particularly valuable cargo to any remote area. If necessary, the delivery can be carried out on business jets capable of taking off and landing at small airfields with grass or unpaved runway.
  • Tourist flights. Our employees are ready not only to organize the flight of your manager on a business trip but also on vacation. At the same time, they will take care of all the troubles associated with the selection of the most comfortable and convenient aircraft and will book a hotel, organize security or transfer to the airport.
  • Familiarization flights. Our company is ready to organize pleasure flights that allow you to get acquainted with various sights, beautiful places or historical monuments from a new perspective.
  • Trips with pets. Doesn’t your supervisor want to part with their pet even during a business trip or vacation? It's okay, our company's employees will promptly arrange a flight to any point of the globe together with a dog or cat. At the same time, it should be noted that the pet will not be in the luggage compartment, but in the cabin of the aircraft next to the owner.
  • Organization of children's flights. We are ready to organize the flight of children on vacation, for study or on a tourist trip. If necessary, the children will be provided with an experienced babysitter who will look after them throughout the entire flight.
  • Conducting geological exploration flights. Our catalogue contains modern aircraft equipped with all the necessary equipment for conducting geological exploration flights, as well as the delivery of geologists.
  • Execution of shift flights. We are ready to perform both one-time and systematic deliveries of employees working on a shift basis to the most inaccessible and remote places, for example, to oil or gas production platforms.
  • Execution of sports charters. Cooperation with Caspian Private Jets will also be interesting for sports clubs, organizations and federations, as we are ready to promptly organize the flight of athletes to training camps, competitions and tournaments on comfortable business jets.
  • Wedding flights. Employees of our company will perform the selection of an aircraft for the organization of a wedding flight using all the opportunities and advantages offered by business aviation.
  • Sending VIP charters. We will help you organize a comfortable flight to any city in Europe for media personalities, musicians, actors or famous personalities.
  • Letter flights. Caspian Private Jets is ready to take on all the problems associated with the organization of flights of top officials of the state, politicians and government officials.
  • Organization of return flights. Our specialists are ready to promptly arrange a flight using the Empty Legs service. We work on our own unique database, which includes more than 1000 daily flights around the world!


It should be noted that the current catalogue of the company includes more than 9,000 models of private helicopters and airplanes, thanks to which we are able to quickly select aircraft for our customers that optimally meet all their requests and wishes. After listening to all your requests, Caspian Private Jets and our specialist will quickly select a business jet, announce the cost of the service, as well as arrange any additional services.


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Aircraft rental conditions

Caspian Private Jets offers travel companies and business agencies aircraft rental according to the following scheme:

  1. A representative of a travel company leaves a request for a flight using our website or by calling the contact phone number.
  2. Within an hour, our specialists carry out the selection of aircraft, contact the client and send him a commercial offer, which describes in as much detail as possible all the technical characteristics and features of suitable and free business jets.
  3. The customer chooses the most convenient option for himself.
  4. After the client has decided on the most interesting private jet for him, we conclude a cooperation agreement.
  5. On the basis of the concluded agreement, the customer pays for rental services in the form of a transfer to the current account of our company, a bank card, cash payment or by making a transfer in cryptocurrency.
  6. Sending a package of documents to a travel company, which will contain the original contract, a case with information on the flight and crew, as well as data for accounting and tax.
  7. The departure of the aircraft at a precisely agreed time, providing passengers with all the opportunities offered by business aviation, for example, waiting for a landing in a VIP lounge, expedited customs clearance, and transfer to the airport in a comfortable car.

Having decided to rent a business jet, employees of a travel company need to remember that aircraft related to business aviation can differ both in the number of seats and in the level of passenger comfort on board. At the same time, excellent knowledge of the market, as well as extensive practical experience, allows our company to quickly match an aircraft suitable for transporting two or three passengers, as well as thirty or forty people.


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We cooperate not only with those clients who have the opportunity to spend large sums on organizing a frequent charter flight, but also with people who have limited budgets. For example, we are ready to offer services such as Jet Sharing and Empty Legs to customers who want to save on flights. So, using the service of per-seat aircraft rental, the tourist gets the opportunity to save on the flight, since he will share the entire cost of the lease with other passengers, while he will also be able to use all the opportunities and advantages offered to his customers by business aviation.

The Empty Legs system makes it possible to fly to a destination on a return or connecting flight while saving up to 75% of the actual cost of such a service. It is worth noting that the use of flights on return flights will be very convenient for travel agencies, as they get the opportunity to send a group of people on holiday on business jets at a price slightly higher than that offered by passenger aviation.


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Payment and refund policy

Each customer of Caspian Private Jets can pay for the private flight in the most simple, profitable, and convenient way. For example, the customer can pay for the company services by bank transfer or card payment. We accept both cash and cryptocurrency. We always conclude contracts with our customers. Our company guarantees a high level of service, consideration of the customers’ needs and wishes, and full data privacy. Trying to accommodate our clients, we always provide flexible terms of cooperation and payment. However, you should understand that each case is individual and requires separate consideration.

The cancellation and refund terms are prescribed in the contract, provided to each customer before the beginning of cooperation. The contract is drawn up based on the customer’s needs and the chosen business jet. Since private jets are owned by different companies and individuals, the cancellation conditions may vary. On our part, we do everything we can to minimize the size of fines and organize the flight at the most convenient time for our customers. If the flight was cancelled because of our company, we will refund you the full price of the jet charter.



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Company Features

By ordering the services of our company, you become the sole owner of the jet for the time of charter. The customer can plan and make adjustments to the route, determine the number and duration of stops and choose the date and time of departure. If you need to make some last-minute changes to the flight plan, we will try to do it in the most cost-effective manner.


Our company in figures:

  • 60+ international flights per week.
  • Access to 9500 business jets of different types.
  • 5000+ satisfied customers (most of whom are our regulars).
  • 26 employees speaking more than 10 European languages.
  • 4 international offices in Europe.
  • 14 years of successful experience in business aviation.


We guarantee full confidentiality, safety, and professional work at every stage of your journey. We work 24/7 to save the precious time of our customers!


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Advantages of the company
    • Reputation

    • 12 years of successful work in business aviation in Europe. More than 100 regular customers and 30 partner companies around the world.

    • A large selection of aircraft

    • The current database includes about 9,000 business jets of various types. We will select an airplane for a flight of any range and complexity.

    • Transparent contracts

    • We do not slip tricky contracts but are responsible for the services provided. We show flexibility and meet our clients halfway. We are always ready to discuss the details and make changes.

    • Online booking

    • You can book and pay for the flight online, without a personal presence. You can also arrange all the documents in our office. We’ll adjust to the option that is convenient for you.


The team of "European Private Jets" consists of experienced experts in the field of business aviation. If you contact us, you can be sure of a quick and professional solution to the issue. The main priority of the company is the convenience of the client. Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and the flight. At the moment, 39 specialists work in the company's offices around the world. Each client gets a personal aviation consultant who will accompany him/her at all stages of interaction on the flight. We guarantee the full involvement of a specialist and flexibility in solving issues of any complexity.

A very important point for us is to provide an opportunity for customers to communicate not only with the company's managers but also with its bosses. Therefore, you can always write directly to the boss and managers of the direction if you are unable to promptly resolve the issue with a personal consultant.


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Contacts of the company's management:


We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to listen to your suggestions and feedback about the company's work.