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Jet Sharing flights

Modern business aviation is gaining more and more demand and popularity among customers, offering a large list of services and not limited only to renting business jets. One of the important new directions has become Jet Sharing, which means a per-seat lease of an aircraft. The main feature of the service is that the client who decides to use this type of service gets the opportunity to share the cost of the flight with all its participants on board. At the same time, choosing this service, the client should understand that the number of passengers flying with him on board may increase to 8-10 people. However, due to additional passengers on board of the aircraft, the cost of the flight is significantly reduced, and the passengers get access to all the services and opportunities offered by modern business aviation.


Jet Sharing


Features of the service

At its core, the Jet Sharing service is the rental of a seat in a business jet, which makes it possible to save up to 90% of the total cost of the flight to the destination you need. At the same time, having decided to use this type of service, each client does not lose any of the important advantages that business aviation offers. The most important advantages of making private flights include:

  • The availability of special privileges for business aviation customers at airports in the form of the possibility of arriving within 30 minutes before boarding the aircraft, waiting for departure in specialized VIP terminals, accelerated customs and border clearance.
  • All the opportunities offered to passengers by VIP lounges, as staying in these zones are included in the cost of the flight.
  • The ability to take hand luggage and loads weighing up to 25 kilograms with you on the flight.
  • The presence of an attractive cost for a business jet flight, which can be significantly lower than the price of a classic private jet rental.
  • The client, who has decided to use this service, gets the opportunity to transport pets (a cat or a dog) with him/her in the cabin of the aircraft.


In addition, all business jets that carry passengers by Jet Sharing have a high level of security, and are also equipped with expensive furniture, modern multimedia systems, high-speed Internet, telephony and satellite TV with a large number of channels. The availability of such opportunities allows customers who have used the lease to do business or relax in the most comfortable conditions right while they are in the air.


private jet rental


How Jet Sharing Works in Business Aviation

It should be noted that this service is just beginning to gain popularity in Europe, but thousands of people around the world have already been able to appreciate the opportunities that a business jet seat rental offers to their customers. Jet Sharing became especially relevant during the global pandemic, when air traffic between many countries of the world and Europe was limited or completely stopped. This service works as follows:

  1. Application submission. A client who decides to use this service leaves a request on the website of an organization that provides private aviation aircraft rental services.
  2. Choosing the most suitable place on board. At this stage, the passenger chooses a comfortable seat, which can be an armchair or sofa.
  3. Flight selection. After receiving an application from a potential client, the company's managers will pick up a flight with fellow travelers from the already formed destinations. If there is no such a thing, they will create a new group to recruit those who want to fly in the right direction for the client.
  4. Flight confirmation. After the required number of passengers has been collected to pay for the board, the client will receive a confirmation for departure to the destination he needs, as well as documents for payment for the service.
  5. Payment execution. After receiving the payment documents, the customer can pay for the service in the simplest and most convenient way, for example, by making a transfer to a bank account or a bank card of the company, paying in cash when visiting the office, making a transfer with cryptocurrency.
  6. Flight. The flight will take place on a modern, comfortable business jet, and the client will be able to use all the opportunities offered by private aviation.


private jets in Europe


Price of private jet charter

Due to extensive experience in business aviation, cooperation with dozens of airlines and jet owners, and smooth logistics, we can offer our customers the most favourable conditions of private jet charter. Below are the prices for the flights to the most popular destinations. However, you should understand that these figures are indicative only. For more accurate information, contact the managers of European Private Jets. We can arrange a flight from any part of the world (however, you need to take into consideration the specificities of the airports). Below are the prices for the flights to the most popular destinations:


  • Munich (MUC) - Palma (PMI) from 5 500 euro;
  • London (FAB) - Salzburg (SZG) from 8 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Basel (BSL) from 5 000 euro;
  • Paris (CDG) - Le Castellet (CTT) from 3 900 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Altenrhein (ACH) from 3 000 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Glasgow (GLA) from 9 000 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Munich (MUC) from 5 900 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Paris (LBG) from 3 500 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Monaco (MCM) from 4 000 euro;
  • Berlin (BER) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 8 500 euro;
  • Rome (CIA) - Split (SPU) from 4 000 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Zurich (ZRH) from 2 900 euro;
  • Vienna (VIE) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 7 500 euro;
  • Paris (CDG) - Sylt (GWT) from 6 400 euro;
  • Warsaw (WAW) - Palma (PMI) from 8 000 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 7 000 euro;
  • Marseille (MRS) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 6 000 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Cannes (CEQ) from 2 200 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Florence (FLR) from 3 000 euro;
  • Salzburg (SZG) - Genoa (GOA) from 4 000 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Olbia (OLB) from 8 000 euro;
  • Rome (CIA) - Barcelona (BCN) from 7 000 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Girona (GRO) from 4 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Monaco (MCM) from 2 900 euro;
  • Rotterdam (RTM) - Figari (FSC) from 7 000 euro;
  • Stockholm (BMA) - Nice (NCE) from 9 500 euro;
  • Napoli (NAP) - Berlin (BER) from 7 500 euro;
  • Amsterdam (AMS) - Split (SPU) from 8 000 euro;
  • Zagreb (ZAG) - Saint-Tropez (LTT) from 5 000 euro;
  • Copenhagen (CPH) - Palma (PMI) from 9 000 euro;
  • Valencia (VLC) - Milan (LIN) from 7 500 euro;
  • Frankfurt (FRA) - Florence (FLR) from 4 500 euro;
  • Oslo (OSL) - Cannes (CEQ) from 8 500 euro;
  • Seville (OZP) - Nice (NCE) from 8 200 euro;
  • Helsinki (HEL) - Paris (LBG) from 9 900 euro;
  • Athens (ATH) - Florence (FLR) from 6 500 euro;
  • Riga (RIX) - Milan (LIN) from 8 000 euro;
  • Vilnius (VNO) - Geneva (GVA) from 7 000 euro;
  • Gothenburg (GOT) - Barcelona (BCN) from 9 000 euro;
  • Lyon (LYN) - Genoa (GOA) from 2 500 euro;
  • Skopje (SKP) - Zurich (ZRH) from 6 500 euro;
  • Lisbon (LIS) - Nice (NCE) from 8 000 euro;
  • Salzburg (SZG) - Westerland (GWT) from 2 900 euro;
  • Hamburg (HAM) - Westerland (GWT) from 2 500 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Westerland (GWT) from 2 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 7 000 euro;
  • Vienna (VIE) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 3 000 euro;
  • Zurich (ZRH) - Dubrovnik (DBV) from 2 500 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Vienna (VIE) from 5 000 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Vienna (VIE) from 2 900 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Vienna (VIE) from 3 500 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Cannes (CEQ) from 3 200 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Cannes (CEQ) from 3 100 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Cannes (CEQ) from 3 800 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Geneva (GVA) from 2 400 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Geneva (GVA) from 2 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Geneva (GVA) from 2 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Nice (NCE) from 3 000 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Nice (NCE) from 3 100 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Nice (NCE) from 3 000 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Palma (PMI) from 3 100 euro;
  • London (LCY) - Palma (PMI) from 4 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Palma (PMI) from 4 900 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Barcelona (BCN) from 2 800 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Barcelona (BCN) from 4 300 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Barcelona (BCN) from 4 900 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Genoa (GOA) from 3 100 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Genoa (GOA) from 2 600 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Genoa (GOA) from 3 100 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Zurich (ZRH) from 2 800 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Zurich (ZRH) from 3 500 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Zurich (ZRH) from 2 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 2 800 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 3 800 euro;
  • Leipzig (LEJ) - London (LCY) from 4 100 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 2 900 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 5 500 euro;
  • Olbia (OLB) - Ibiza (IBZ) from 3 600 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Monaco (MCM) from 2 400 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Monaco (MCM) from 5 200 euro;
  • Milan (MXP) - Monaco (MCM) from 2 900 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Olbia (OLB) from 4 800 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Olbia (OLB) from 3 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Olbia (OLB) from 4 900 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Florence (FLR) from 2 800 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Florence (FLR) from 4 600 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Florence (FLR) from 3 700 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Munich (MUC) from 2 900 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Munich (MUC) from 3 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Munich (MUC) from 3 000 euro;
  • Munich (MUC) - Cologne (CGN) from 2 900 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Berlin (BER) from 3 100 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 2 900 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - London (BQH) from 3 400 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 3 700 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Bilbao (BIO) from 4 500 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - London (BQH) from 4 800 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - London (BQH) from 5 000 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - London (BQH) from 3 100 euro;
  • Nice (NCE) - Samedan (SMV) from 3 000 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Nice (NCE) from 2 900 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Nice (NCE) from 3 200 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Nice (NCE) from 3 100 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Grosseto (GRS) from 3 300 euro;
  • Milan (LIN) - Chambery (CMF) from 3 400 euro;
  • Paris (LBG) - Milan (LIN) from 3 900 euro;
  • Geneva (GVA) - Milan (LIN) from 2 900 euro;
  • London (BQH) - Milan (LIN) from 4 500 euro;


We should note that to reduce the price of your flight, you can use such services as Jet Sharing or Empty Legs. In short, Jet Sharing allows you to buy the desired number of seats on a private flight and divide the full cost of a jet charter between all passengers. This means that you’ll have to pay only for the number of seats you’ve booked. Therefore, Jet Sharing is also known as “seat rental on a business jet”. As for Empty Legs, it is a system of return flights. Let’s say that the passenger booked a one-way flight to a specific destination. In this case, the chosen business jet returns to its home base empty. If you don’t need an urgent flight, you can leave us a request, our consultants will contact you as soon the desired jet will be available.


Online calculator for calculating the cost of a business jet flight

You can use an online calculator to get an instant charter quote. We will send you an offer with a detailed calculation of the flight price via e-mail or messenger. You can also send us an e-mail to clarify the flight details and ask any questions you have about the jet and booking conditions.

y submitting the form, I consent to the processing of personal data.

Keep in mind that these figures are indicative only. Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the flight and help you choose the most suitable option. Price calculation and jet search services are free and don’t impose any obligations. Experts of our company are always happy to answer all your questions and consult you on business aviation issues.


online calculation of private jet costs


Comparison of Jet Sharing and Business Class

It's no secret that classic passenger aviation also offers its customers the opportunity to make comfortable flights in business class. Even though you will be taken on board of the plane separately, the takeoff will begin only after all passengers have taken their seats. The increased comfort of business class passengers often differs from the economy only by a more attentive attitude of the service staff and a richer menu. It should be noted that not all aircraft operating on regular airlines have a segment for premium passengers, and the standards governing the level of comfort may vary greatly from one airline to another. That is why, business aviation is considered a higher segment in terms of convenience, safety and comfort during the flight. Having decided to rent a private jet using the Jet Sharing system, each client can be sure that:

  • they will receive a high level of service accepted as a world standard in private aviation;
  • they will make a flight on a modern business jet;
  • there will be no more than 10 fellow travelers on board;
  • they will be able to use the VIP terminal;
  • specialists of the company that organized the flight will book hotel rooms or any necessary transport, including a helicopter or a yacht.


The most important feature of this service is the ability to reduce the number of contacts with other passengers flying on this board, and the price of the service practically does not differ from the cost of flying with business class civil aviation.


    • Urgent flights
    • within 3-4 hours
    • The fight at any date
    • convenient for you
    • Online
    • booking and clearance
    • Over 9500
    • models of private jets
    • Official
    • registration of the documents
    • Flights
    • to 251 countries of the world


Comparison of Jet Sharing and a regular business jet flight

The main advantage of the given service over the classic rental of a private plane is its lower price level, since the client shares the cost of the flight with all passengers who decide to fly to their destination using this flight. In all other respects, Jet Sharing is no different from flying on a business aviation plane:

  • The flight is carried out on a modern business jet. When using the service, the client takes a flight on a modern aircraft equipped with everything necessary to feel comfortable while in the air.
  • Personnel and pilots with a high level of professionalism. All crew members serving passengers are true professionals in their field, with extensive practical experience and constantly improving their own qualifications at specialized courses and classes.
  • Service corresponding to the highest expectations of customers. Aircraft related to business aviation have comfortable, state-of-the-art aircraft models. In addition, if desired, passengers can order dishes and drinks from their favorite restaurants.
  • Routes without landings and delays. Organizing a flight within the framework of this service, our company's specialists try to do everything possible to make the flight pass without additional landings or refuelling.
  • Increased customer security. The travel in the cabin of the aircraft is built in such a way that customers have minimal contact with other passengers. The salon undergoes systematic antibacterial and antiviral treatment.


Empty Legs flights


Who is suitable for this service?

Despite its relative youth, Jet Shuttle is one of the most sought-after and popular services in business aviation. The following categories of clients try to use it most often:

  • passengers who were unable to purchase tickets for a flight operated by standard passenger aviation;
  • those who need to make a flight lasting at least four hours and want to spend it with the highest level of comfort;
  • who does not want to contact a lot of other people while being at the airport or on a plane;
  • those who do not want to leave a pet and decide to take it with them on vacation or on a business trip;
  • those who do not like long waits, a long stay at the airport, and also value, first of all, their own comfort and safety.


This service will also be interesting to those passengers who have planned to fly alone, but at the same time they do not want to spend their own money on renting an entire aircraft. Also, this service will be an excellent solution for those passengers who are forced to travel with young children or elderly people, with whom it is very difficult to fly on regular passenger flights.


european business  aviation


Aircraft schedule: how do I find the nearest flights?

When you visit our company's website, you will be able to get information about flights, their departure schedule, destination, arrival time and other general information. If you could not find a flight to the city you need, you can leave a request on the website or call the contact phone number indicated on the resource. After receiving the application, our company's managers will promptly select a flight or arrange a departure on the most favourable terms for you.


online catalog of private jets


Which aircraft are used for flights

As a rule, Jet Sharing uses spacious business jets designed for 8 - 19 people, for example:

  • Hawker 800XP
  • Challenger 300
  • Challenger 605
  • Challenger 850
  • Legacy 600
  • Global Express 5000


Clients have 2 types of seats available - an armchair or a sofa.

Departure time - usually at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 18:00.</p >


seats and sofas in a business jet


Let's consider the technical characteristics of Jet Sharing aircraft, using the Legacy 600 business jet as an example:

  1. Total number of seats - 13 passengers;
  2. Cabin length - 12.95 (m);
  3. Cabin width - 2.1 (m);
  4. Cabin height - 1.82 (m);
  5. Flight distance - 6200 (km);
  6. The volume of the luggage compartment is 6.8 (m3).


jet-sharing aircraft 


Thus, a passenger who has rented a seat on this aircraft receives:

  • it is possible to take hand luggage with you into the cabin, weighing 5kg and measuring 55x40x25cm;
  • baggage up to 25kg and size up to 203cm;
  • priority service at all stages of the flight;
  • departure from the VIP terminal;
  • meals during the flight;
  • the possibility of paid seat selection on the plane.


 jet sharing seats

jet sharing sofas


Private jet catalog

Our catalogue of business jets includes about 9,000 models of different types and cabin equipment. Our customers have access to the jets of different production years (including the latest models). We will try to take into account all your wishes and help you choose the optimal business jet for your flight. Below are the most popular models of the business jet of different types.


Heavy Jets


  • Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty
  • Bombardier Global: 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500 and 8000 models
  • Bombardier Global Express and XRS
  • Dassault Falcon 10X, 6X, 7X, 8X
  • Gulfstream G500, G550, G600, G650, G650, G650ER and G700 models
  • Gulfstream V


Medium Jets


  • Avro Business Jet
  • Bombardier Challenger: 600, 601, 604, 605, 650, 800 and 850 models
  • Dassault Falcon 2000, 2000DX, 2000EX, 2000LX, 2000LXS, 2000S
  • Dassault Falcon 900B, 900C, 900DX, 900EX, 900LX
  • Embraer Legacy: 600, 650, 650E
  • Gulfstream G350 and G450
  • Gulfstream III, IV, IV SP
  • Bombardier Challenger 300, 350, 3500
  • Bombardier Learjet 85
  • Cessna 850 Citation Columbus
  • Cessna Citation III
  • Cessna Citation Latitude and Longitude
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign and Sovereign +
  • Cessna Citation Ten
  • Cessna Citation VI and VII
  • Cessna Citation X and X+
  • Dassault Falcon 50 and 50EX
  • Embraer Legacy 450, 500 models
  • Embraer Praetor 500 and 600
  • Gulfstream: G150, G200, G250, G280
  • Gulfstream II
  • Hawker 1000, 4000, 700, 750, 800XP, 850XP and 900XP models
  • Learjet 60 and 60 XR
  • Westwind II


Light Jets


  • Grob G180 SPn
  • Hawker 400A and 400XP
  • Learjet 45, 45XR, 70 and 75
  • Adamjet А700
  • Beechcraft Premier 1A
  • Cessna Citation Bravo
  • Cessna Citation CJ1 and CJ1+
  • Cessna Citation CJ2 and CJ2+
  • Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ3+
  • Cessna Citation CJ4
  • Cessna Citation Encore and Encore +
  • Cessna Citation Excel
  • Cessna Citation I and II
  • Cessna Citation M2, Mustang and Ultra
  • Cessna Citation XLS and XLS+
  • Dassault Falcon 100
  • Eclipse 500 and 550
  • Embraer Phenom 100, 100E, 100EV, 300, 300E
  • Epic Victory
  • HondaJet
  • HondaJet Elite
  • Nextant 400XTi
  • Pilatus PC-24
  • PiperJet PA-47


Turboprop private jets


  • Adamjet A500
  • Beechcraft King Air: 250, 350i, 360, 360ER, 90 models
  • Beechcraft King Air: B200, B200GT, C90GTi, C90GTx models
  • Cessna Grand Caravan EX
  • Daher Socata TBM: 850, 910, 930, 940 models
  • Gulfstream I
  • Mooney Acclaim Ultra M20V and M20U
  • Nextant G90Xt
  • Piaggio Avanti EVO
  • Pilatus PC-12 NG and NGX
  • Piper M500 and M600
  • Quest Kodiak 100


Exclusive private jets and business liners


  • Airbus ACJ380
  • Boeing BBJ: 2, 3, 7 models
  • Boeing BBJ: 747-8, 777, 777X, 787 models
  • Boeing BBJ MAX 7, 8, 9 models
  • Embraer Lineage 1000 and 1000E


You can check out our catalogue of business jets in the corresponding section of the website.


business aviation services


Booking a private jet flight

You can book an aircraft for a private flight in any way convenient for you - by phone, through the online form on the website, using a messenger or email leading operators and will send you the best options to choose from (usually 3-5 optimal offers). Next, we agree on the details of the selected flight or adjust the search, taking into account the new input from you.




Additional services

Our company has been offering customers a wide range of services related to the work of business aviation for 12 years. Due to our extensive practical experience, as well as knowledge of all the nuances and subtleties, we are not only ready to offer our clients business jet rental services, but we will also take care of all the problems and nuances of the following types of services:

  • Private flights to anywhere in the world. The database of our company includes more than 9,000 aircraft that are a part of business aviation, which allows you to quickly organize a private flight of any complexity.
  • Tourist flights. We have modern, ergonomic and comfortable turboprops, which will be an excellent solution for those tourists who want to get acquainted with unique architectural or natural monuments from a new viewpoint.
  • Corporate flights. European Private Jets is ready to organize commercial and corporate flights of your company to any city in Europe. The flight will take place on a modern business aircraft equipped with everything necessary for recreation.
  • Delivery of commercial goods. Our company's availability of modern cargo aircraft allows us to organize the delivery of any commercial cargo to the most inaccessible or remote areas.
  • Medical flights. The company's managers are ready to take on all the problems associated with the organization of the delivery of patients to treatment sites on aircraft equipped with advanced medical equipment. Besides modern medical equipment, there will be an experienced team of doctors, whose tasks include monitoring the patient's condition during transportation.
  • Exploration flights. At the request of customers engaged in exploration and extraction of minerals, our company is ready to promptly organize geological exploration of the area with the help of aircraft equipped with specialized equipment, as well as to carry out the casting of geologists in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Delivery of employees working in shifts. The availability of modern small business jets allows us to organize the delivery of employees working on a shift basis to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Empty Legs. Modern business aviation is beginning to enjoy increasing popularity, and therefore many boards quite often return empty after the delivery of passengers. Having extensive experience, we are well aware of such flights and are able to quickly arrange an inexpensive flight at the expense of a return flight.


fast online check-in and flight organization


Advantages of business aviation

Business aviation is very popular due to many amenities and advantages:

  1. High level of privacy. Each client can be completely sure that the payments made by them, as well as the time spent on board of the aircraft, will be completely private.
  2. Availability of VIP service. Passengers can wait for the flight in the VIP lounges, as well as count on simplified customs clearance and accelerated boarding.
  3. Organization of emergency flights. Our clients do not need to wait until a flight to their desired destination is formed, because they can contact our company by applying for a flight to anywhere in the world.
  4. High level of service on board. All aircraft have a comfortable and ergonomic cabin. Favorite dishes and drinks from the best restaurants can be delivered on board in advance at the request of passengers.
  5. The ability to take off and land from private airports inaccessible to civil aviation. If necessary, business jets can take off and land at small private airfields, which simplifies and significantly speeds up logistics.


private jet for the holidays


We should also note the increased level of safety of airplanes:

  • All business jets are thoroughly checked before each flight according to the highest technical standards;
  • The cabin of the aircraft undergoes mandatory full disinfection treatment with the help of modern, high-quality and safe means;
  • There is a modern, high-tech ventilation system with a multi-stage air purification level which operates during the flight;
  • If desired, the passenger can reduce or completely eliminate contact with other passengers flying on board.


What is the difference between Jet Sharing and Empty Legs services?

The economy segment of business aviation consists of 2 most popular services - Jet Sharing and Empty Legs. The first implies the division of the cost of renting an aircraft used for the flight between all passengers. At the same time, the final cost of the flight will directly depend on the model of the aircraft, the time of booking the flight, the number of passengers participating in the flight, the route and a number of other equally important factors.

If we talk about the Empty Legs service, it allows customers to take advantage of business aviation opportunities with a discount of up to 70% of the initial flight price. Such a low flight price is due to the fact that the customer makes the flight as part of a return flight, that is, the plane returns to its home airfield without passengers. At the same time, most of the amount has already been paid by the previous customer who made the flight.

Both of these services share a common point – despite the more affordable price, the client gets all the advantages and opportunities of business aviation. However, it is often necessary to sacrifice flexibility in departure time and adjust to the existing schedule.


business jet rental online


How is the price of the flight formed?

The cost of the service depends on a number of factors and is most often calculated individually for each client who has applied to our company. Its final cost is influenced by the following factors:

  1. the type of aircraft selected;
  2. a certain level of customer service on board during the flight;
  3. number of passengers participating in the flight;
  4. flight range and route points;
  5. the duration of the aircraft parking at the airport before boarding passengers.

At the same time, it should be understood that Jet Sharing will almost always be more profitable than a standard business jet rental, since the price of the flight will be split between all passengers. If the flight is made to one of the most popular destinations, the cost will correlate with the classic business class. At the same time, a passenger who has paid a relatively low price can use all the opportunities and services offered by business aviation.


caspian private jets


Payment and Refund terms

Having decided to order an aircraft rental in our company, the client gets the opportunity to pay for the service in the most convenient and profitable way, for example, by making a transfer to a bank account, bank card, in cash or in cryptocurrency. Working in the legal field, we conclude a contract and guarantee a high level of service and complete confidentiality of the information received. Trying to meet each client halfway, we offer the most flexible terms of cooperation, but you need to understand that each case will be considered individually. In any case, we are open to long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

The conditions for cancelling a private flight by business jet are prescribed in the contract, in a separate paragraph. In this case, the terms of the contract will directly depend on the owner of the aircraft or the owner's company. In this regard, the conditions for the refund for an unfulfilled flight, due to the fault of the customer, may differ significantly from each other. However, we try to do everything in order to minimize penalties for the customer and undertake negotiations with the owners of private aircraft. At the same time, if the business jet lease is disrupted due to the fault of our organization or the owner of the aircraft, then we will make a full refund. However, we can assure you that there have been only 4 such cases in our practice for 12 years of successful work.

The European Private Jets company provides a full package of documents, including accounting statements. We are always ready to offer assistance to passenger assistants to prepare and correct all necessary documents.


How much does a full-fledged business jet rental cost comparing with Jet Sharing?

The price is formed from several important elements. This is directly the cost of using aircraft, paying for the work of pilots and stewards, handling the aircraft before the flight, paying airport fees, air navigation. The final cost of renting a private turnkey aircraft is from 2000 to 4000 euros per flight hour. This is the average cost, and other options are possible.

If you decide to use the Jet Sharing service, the cost will be much lower. The price can vary from 2000 euros for flights across Europe or to the nearest countries and up to 9000 euros for intercontinental flights. This price includes all services that you will receive on board, except for individual service. As you can see, it will be much more expensive to rent a business jet completely for personal use. Sometimes jet sharing allows you to save up to 80-90% of the original cost of the flight.


Jet Sharing flights in Europe


The most popular destinations

There are flights that are booked in European Private Jets more often than others as a part of Jet Sharing. Due to this, flights to these destinations are carried out almost on a regular basis. To date, the most popular cities are:

  • Paris;
  • Geneva;
  • Malaga;
  • Olbia;
  • Zurich;
  • London;
  • Dubai;
  • Cannes;
  • Ibiza;
  • Larnaca;
  • Munich;
  • Nice.


You can check the flight schedule and get additional information on these destinations from the company's managers.


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Benefits of working with us

By ordering the services of our company, you become the sole owner of the jet for the time of charter. The customer can plan and make adjustments to the route, determine the number and duration of stops and choose the date and time of departure. If you need to make some last-minute changes to the flight plan, we will try to do it in the most cost-effective manner.


Our company in figures:

  • 60+ international flights per week.
  • Access to 9500 business jets of different types.
  • 5000+ satisfied customers (most of whom are our regulars).
  • 26 employees speaking more than 10 European languages.
  • 4 international offices in Europe.
  • 14 years of successful experience in business aviation.


We guarantee full confidentiality, safety, and professional work at every stage of your journey. We work 24/7 to save the precious time of our customers!


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Advantages of the company
    • Reputation

    • 12 years of successful work in business aviation in Europe. More than 100 regular customers and 30 partner companies around the world.

    • A large selection of aircraft

    • The current database includes about 9,000 business jets of various types. We will select an airplane for a flight of any range and complexity.

    • Transparent contracts

    • We do not slip tricky contracts but are responsible for the services provided. We show flexibility and meet our clients halfway. We are always ready to discuss the details and make changes.

    • Online booking

    • You can book and pay for the flight online, without a personal presence. You can also arrange all the documents in our office. We’ll adjust to the option that is convenient for you.


The team of "European Private Jets" consists of experienced experts in the field of business aviation. If you contact us, you can be sure of a quick and professional solution to the issue. The main priority of the company is the convenience of the client. Therefore, we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the service and the flight. At the moment, 39 specialists work in the company's offices around the world. Each client gets a personal aviation consultant who will accompany him/her at all stages of interaction on the flight. We guarantee the full involvement of a specialist and flexibility in solving issues of any complexity.

 A very important point for us is to provide an opportunity for customers to communicate not only with the company's managers but also with its bosses. Therefore, you can always write directly to the boss and managers of the direction if you are unable to promptly resolve the issue with a personal consultant.


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Contacts of the company's management:



We are always open to dialogue and will be glad to listen to your suggestions and feedback about the company's work.


Answers to popular customer questions about Jet Sharing


    • Which countries can I fly to using the Jet Shuttle service?
    • Flights are possible to any country in the world, but the largest number of flights are made within Europe. This is due to the high level of infrastructure, the presence of a large fleet of business jets, as well as an affordable price.
    • What documents will be required for a flight abroad?
    • If you want to make a flight on a private plane, the client will need a foreign passport, as well as an open Schengen visa. If you plan to fly to a quarantined country, then you will need to have one of the following grounds:

      • residence permit or citizenship of the country to which the flight is being made;
      • availability of documents for real estate in the destination country;
      • medical documents confirming the need for treatment in a clinic located in the country where the flight is planned to be performed.


      When planning a flight, remember that each case is individual and therefore it is better to contact our specialists and they will help you in solving issues related to the presence of grounds.

    • What grounds are necessary to make a flight to another country?
    • Residents of the European Union can freely visit European countries, as well as make international flights to America, Asia, CIS countries and the Middle East. Some states demand that the person entering the country has special grounds, for example, citizenship, a residence permit, a document confirming the existence of real estate owned, or medical documents for treatment.

    • How can a passenger who has gone on a flight abroad be deceived?
    • Jet Sharing is gaining more and more popularity and demand in business aviation, and therefore, trying to find the most favourable price, you may encounter unscrupulous companies that do not guarantee the quality of their services.

      As a result, the low cost of a per-seat rental of an aircraft can result in:

      • endless flight transfers;
      • replacing the aircraft with a less modern and comfortable one;
      • refusal to refund funds due to the impossibility of providing the ordered service.


      In some cases, unscrupulous service providers offer their clients illegal entry into European countries, which can have the most severe consequences for the client, for example, difficulties in returning to their homeland and a ban on travel to countries within the Schengen area.

    • What will happen if I am not given permission to fly?
    • Our company's employees tell each client about the risks associated with the possibility of obtaining a ban on departure even before the conclusion of the contract. If the client is willing to take risks and still books the aircraft, then all responsibility falls on him/her.

      However, if the client has not been informed about the risks and has made a reservation, then we will fully refund all the money in case of the absence of permission.

    • How many people can accompany a patient according to medical documents?
    • Only one accompanying person can be entered in the medical certificate, however, the number of citizens accompanying the patient may increase in exceptional cases. Each such case is considered individually, and therefore you should consult the managers of our company. We have extensive experience in sending clients for treatment to the world's leading clinics.
    • Is it necessary to observe quarantine after the flight?
    • The requirements for compliance with quarantine measures after arrival completely depend on the country of arrival, while the requirements change very often. After contacting our company, we will definitely advise you on quarantine measures in the country to which you plan to fly.
    • How is the flight approval going?
    • We send the client's documents to the operator providing flight services, as well as coordinate the flight with the authorities, departure and reception points. If there are any problems, we provide assistance in solving them, including our own contacts, knowledge and experience.
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