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European Private Jets has been providing its clients with the services of organizing flights and renting private aircraft related to business aviation for 12 years. The most important task of our company is to understand the essence of the customer's task and offer him/her the maximum level of service at the most attractive price. Our specialists are ready to offer the organization of a private, tourist, corporate or medical flight on a modern, state-of-the-art business aviation aircraft. Every client who decides to apply to European Private Jets can be sure that he/she will receive the professional services of an air broker for the selection of a business jet and its rental on the most favourable terms. Trying to offer a high level of service, we adhere to an individual approach to each client who has applied to the company, which allows us to take into account all the needs and wishes of the customer.


Company Services European Private Jets


Advantages of business aviation

Even 20 years ago, renting a business jet for private flights was considered a real curiosity that only very rich people could afford. To date, business aviation services have long ceased to be something unusual and represent a popular and convenient service with an extensive transportation network. Due to its capabilities and excellent level of service, business aviation is a separate air industry and combines several different sectors at once:


  1. Management services for private aircraft owned by a separate owner or a commercial structure.
  2. Leasing aircraft of various types to customers for flights to the destinations they need.
  3. Organization of transportation of various expensive goods by specialized commercial air transport.
  4. Unique commercial offers in the form of Air Taxi, Jet Sharing flights and Empty Legs flights.
  5. Conducting a systematic inspection of pilots, flight attendants and technical personnel engaged in the maintenance of aircraft included in the fleet of business aviation.
  6. Carrying out maintenance of the sides.

Our company has been professionally organizing flights on private planes around the world for 12 years. Thanks to our extensive practical experience, we are ready to take on all the problems and troubles associated with the operational organization of a private, tourist, medical or corporate flight on modern business jets. If necessary, our specialists will take care of all the nuances associated with the organization of VIP cargo delivery using business aviation boards to the most remote points in Europe, America and other countries. Managers of European Private Jets speak English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages, which allows them to quickly organize flights of any complexity, as well as promptly resolve all issues at international airports. Having extensive practical experience, we have all the necessary information to provide our customers with the fastest and most comfortable aircraft to anywhere in the world.


    • Urgent flights
    • 4 hours after request
    • We pick up a plane
    • on a date convenient for you
    • Online
    • booking and processing
    • Private jets
    • more than 9000 models available
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    • Flights
    • to any part of the world



Company's capabilities

Contacting the European Private Jets air broker, the client gets access to the most modern business aviation aircraft equipped with advanced technologies. Our company is ready to offer tracking services:


  • Organization of flights on business aviation charters. During the flight on a business jet, the client will receive everything necessary to relax or work during the flight with the maximum level of comfort. For example, aircraft cabins are equipped with comfortable seats, they have satellite high-speed Internet, conference calls and telephony.
  • Ordering VIP flights. Our company has the best airliners related to VIP aviation, which are designed to transport politicians, world celebrities and famous people.
  • Jet Sharing Services. If you want to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by business aviation, but at the same time have a small financial budget for the organization of the flight, our company offers you to use the service of a car rental aircraft. If you decide to use Jet Sharing, you will be able to save up to 90% of the cost of organizing a flight and at the same time use the privileged position of business aviation customers. For example, you can check in and wait for the departure at the VIP terminals of the airport.
  • Tourist flights. European Private Jets is ready to take on all the problems and nuances associated with the organization of flights to the world's best resorts, recreation areas and hotels. At the same time, we will not only arrange a flight on a comfortable business jet, but also make a hotel reservation, as well as arrange a transfer to the airport or hotel.
  • Air transportation of exclusive cargo. Our company will become a convenient and reliable partner for those commercial structures and organizations who need to perform a single or systematic air transportation of commercial cargo to anywhere in Europe or the globe. We will not only take care of all the problems related to documentation, but also select an aircraft that will quickly and efficiently deliver VIP cargo to the destination.
  • Organization of a medical private flight. European Private Jets is ready to arrange transportation of bedridden or seriously ill patients with the help of specialized air transport to the treatment sites. The transportation of passengers who need treatment is carried out on business jets equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and there is a staff of experienced doctors on board.
  • Flights for children and teenagers. Contacting our company will also be an excellent solution for those who urgently need to arrange a flight for one or more children to rest or study in another country. We are not only ready to pick up the right aircraft, but also provide young passengers with experienced flight attendants who will act as a babysitter or escort during the flight.
  • Flights for geological exploration. If necessary, our company's employees will organize air flights of aircraft equipped with specialized geological exploration equipment. In addition, thanks to the company's turboprops, we are able to transport geological workers to remote areas that are not equipped with concrete landing strips.
  • Delivery of employees working in shifts. Cooperation with European Private Jets will also be interesting for those commercial structures that are engaged in the development or extraction of minerals in remote regions. After all, we are ready to take on all the worries associated with the prompt delivery of working personnel and top management to remote facilities using air transport (both airplanes and helicopters).
  • Flights of sports teams, clubs and national teams. We have a modern business aviation fleet, which allows us to offer athletes flights on modern business liners to competitions or training camps.
  • Empty Legs service. This type of service will be of interest to those who want to save significantly by flying on return flights. Our own unique database allows us to monitor the best offers around the world.


The European Private Jets fleet includes more than 10,000 models of private jets, which allows us to quickly select the model that best meets all the needs and wishes of the customer. During the process of cooperation, each client is provided with a personal manager who will accompany the transaction at all stages from the selection of the aircraft to the client's arrival at the hotel. After all, we are not only ready to offer our clients the organization of a flight to anywhere in the world, but also offer a whole range of additional concierge services.


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Additional services

Employees of our company will take care of all issues with the organization of additional and related services for the flight. We are ready to offer a full-fledged concierge service:


  • chartering of any aircraft required by the client;
  • management of a leased aircraft;
  • long-term business jet rental exceeding seven days;
  • provision of aviation consulting services;
  • renting an airplane that will act as a film set or will be used for the flights of the film crew;
  • organization of business transfer by premium class cars;
  • delivery of your favorite dishes and drinks from the world's leading restaurants on board;
  • hiring a professional security service that will accompany the client during a flight, vacation or business negotiations;
  • and much more.


complex organization of the private flight


This is not the whole list of additional services that European Private Jets is ready to offer to its customers. After all, we try to approach each customer individually and offer him/her a modern, customer-oriented service, which allows us to solve the most complex and responsible tasks. That is why, we are also ready to help:


  • with the selection of all necessary documents for renting an airplane or flying it abroad;
  • to arrange a business class helicopter flight;
  • to rent a car or a yacht for a client's vacation;
  • to perform the rental of the necessary real estate for the client, including booking rooms in the best hotels;
  • to organize the rental of a private island;
  • to purchase tickets for various sports or cultural events taking place in any country of the world.


Our company employs 40 professionals who are ready to quickly and efficiently organize a business flight of any complexity within two hours after the initial request of the client. Each client will be provided with a personal manager who will accompany the customer at all stages of cooperation, promptly resolving all arising issues. European Private Jets employees speak leading international languages, which allows them to organize flights and provide additional services to customers anywhere in the world.

If you still have questions or you want to get personal advice on the organization of private jet rental, then just call the phone number listed on our website.


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Advantages of working with an air broker

Ordering a service from our aviation consultants, you become the sole owner of the liner for the duration of its lease. The client selects and corrects the route, determines the number and duration of stops, the date and time of departure of the board. If it is necessary to make emergency changes to the flight plan, we will make every effort to make adjustments at the lowest cost.

The company in numbers:


  • More than 60 flights are made around the world every week.
  • We provide access to 9500 business jets of different classes.
  • 5000+ satisfied customers, most of whom contact us regularly.
  • 26 employees speaking more than 10 European languages.
  • 4 international offices in the EU countries.
  • 12 years of experience in business aviation in Europe.


We guarantee complete confidentiality, security and professional work at each stage of the journey. We work 24/7 so that our clients do not waste a minute of their personal time!

How to book a private jet ?
  • Plane1.Flight request
  • Plane2.Commercial offer
  • Plane3.Choosing an airplane or a helicopter
  • Plane4.Conclusion of the contract and payment
  • Plane5.Flight at the appointed time



Stages of booking a business jet

If you want to rent a private jet in our company, you need to use a simple algorithm:


  1. Contact our company by phone number or by leaving a message on the website.
  2. Our managers will select the most suitable aircraft for you and announce the cost of the service within 30 minutes after the request.
  3. At the third stage, the client signs a contract with our company, and also pays for services in the form of a transfer to the company's current account, bank card, in cash or cryptocurrency.
  4. At the right time, the client goes on a flight on a modern, comfortable plane.



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Need help?

The aviation expert will answer all your questions about business aviation and private flights. We will help you to compare and choose the best business jet for your flight.